Portable NKIT (PNKIT) command line usage

Command line usage (Linux and Windows)

  • pnkit (show availale commands)
  • pnkit info (show configuration, also a self test)
  • pnkit installweb [web root] (install/update the web version of pnkit)

Command line usage (Linux / Synology specific)

  • pnkit installshell (install pnkit so “pnkit” instead of “eval $(curl -s pnkitsh.fastsimple.com)” can be used, all operation stays online)
  • pnkit 2apache [path] (recursively set owner to apache:apache and  access permission to 0755)
  • pnkit backup [backup location] [sql backup location] [sql id] [sql pwd] [dirs to backup…] (create a backup, auto alternate between full and incremental)

Command line usage (Windows specific)

  • pnkit mode online / pnkit mode offline (switch between online and offline mode)
  • pnkit update (update local pnkit installation, only relevant in offline mode)
  • pnkit qres / pnkit qres hd / pnkit qres uhd (change resolution, “pnkit qres” shows more options)
  • pnkit sound [substring] (change sound to a certain channel, e.g. “pnkit sound speaker”)
  • pnkit beep (play the notification sound)